Exposure to fluid-applied polymer roof coatings came in 1984 with a third party association to the Polymer Science Department of USM. Since that intriguing first glance, I have been constantly consumed with the permanent repair of roof, stucco and EIFS wall leaks. Beginning as roofing contractors only, the specification, design, promotion, innovation and installation of various projects fell directly on our company. Of course with all the new products and techniques, widespread acceptance was difficult and sales remained modest. Then a blow we thought to be fatal struck in the 1990's when a larger company purchased the firm manufacturing our elastomeric coatings for us. Soon after we found ourselves without available product and so did several other private label concerns. After experimenting with a few off-the-shelf professional products we determined that manufacturing our own waterproof and reflective coatings was the only way to maintain the quality of service that our customers had come to expect. With this goal in mind, experimentation began in 1998. With a new concept in some base polyurethane products and after making a purchase deal with our old manufacturer in 2001 we were off to the races with our improved roof coating line of products. Since that time several other product lines have been developed as well as making the original formulations more user friendly and developing further the innovative application techniques. Renewable non-prorated warranties that are real, gives Flex-Kote Roofing Systems a long term competitive edge.

Steve W. Craft




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