Application versatilities allow for direct application to existing metal, built-up, modified bitumen, thermoplastics, rubber and other surfaces.

The FlexKote product boasts success histories dating back to 1985.

Being fluid applied the system is fully adhered, monolithic in nature and can be installed in any quantity on most any surface.

Get a leak proof warranty on an old roof! Your roof may not currently need to be replaced but simply have the stress areas repaired such as expansion joints, penetrations, parapet walls, skylights and the like.

Once installed, the FlexKote system can be recoated to “renew” the life of the system at the end of the warranty period and receive a new warranty for a fraction of the original installation cost.

Typical installations require no tear off of existing roof systems!

A newly installed system reflects over 92% of ultraviolet light making it one of the most reflective products available!

FlexKote Products are formulated from the highest quality raw materials available containing pure acrylic resins, high grade titanium dioxide pigments and contains no ethylene glycol and hazardous solvents typically found in other roof coatings.

Because our products are renewable and need not be torn off, it does not contribute to the landfills like asphalt and other products.

When you do the long term math, no other system comes close to competing with the performance costs of FlexKote.


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