All of the family of FlexRock products are compatible one with another and can be used in various strata of application. All FlexRock products will adhere one to another and can be used in various ways to achieve desired results.

The formulation of FlexRock is not based on cement or masonry as a foundation like other so-called acrylic products such as EIFS.

The foundation of FlexRock is based on acrylic polymer technology in each of the FlexRock Family of Products. FlexRock does not crack like conventional stucco or EIFS products but remains flexible.

FlexRock products are single component and ready to use upon arrival at your job site. The expense of additional time for mixing, as well as the waste of leftover ingredients, is eliminated. The speed at which the system can be installed is also very attractive.

FlexRock is designed for use over many substrates, including but not limited to wood, block, brick, existing stucco surfaces, metal, exterior gypsum board, expanded polystyrene and some existing EIFS surfaces.

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